Our hope is to keep the affluent life and society of Japan with natural.

Details of our business

Casing business

Casing products now play a big role for the "crisp" edible feeling of sausage.
We handle all types of natural casings and collagen casings.

Food business

We are also in the wholesale business of domestic beef, pork and chicken that are safer in quality than foreign meat products.


We are importing many quantity shoes every year from Europe & Asia. They are almost of all kinds, men's, lady's, dressy, formal, casual, sporty.

Leather & Bags

For shoes and bags not only the function but also the design and quality are important factors. We import such superior materials directly from Italy, one of the most advanced countries in fashion in the world. We are ready to supply the quality, easy processing and colorful materials to you.

Import of vegetable tannin

We are a leading company in the import of vegetable tannin. develop new applications of vegetable tannin other than leather.

Leather chemicals

Also regarding leather goods that become favourite after repeated uses, there are many processes for finished products from tannage to dyeing, fatliquouring, and finishing.
We are handling leather chemicals of various kinds.


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