Our hope is to keep the affluent life and society of Japan with natural.


Kawamura & Co., Ltd. was established in 1932. Since its establishment we have so far developed our business steadily for a long time of three-quarters in a century and this is all thanks to the supports from you all.

our business associates and related parties concerned.
I would herein like to express our sincere thanks to all of you.

At present, our business relates to the import, domestic sales of natural casings as raw materials for sausage, meat products (beef, pork and chicken), chemicals for leather, shoe components material and raw skins & hides. However, the situation surrounding these industries is now at a big turning point.

Under such circumstances, based on the reliability from our customers and suppliers, with whom we keep long, traditional business relationships, we, all staff at Kawamura & Co., Ltd., would always like to contribute to the advancement and development of our society through our business, concentrating our efforts on the management with our top priority on our customers and then with the advanced viewpoint toward the future.

On this opportunity, I would like to again ask your continued support and cooperation hereafter as well.

President Yozo Kawamura


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